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IAPB Staff

IAPB has a global team of staff committed to working towards a world where no one is needlessly visually impaired, in which everyone has access to the best possible standard of eye health.

Peter Holland

Chief Executive Officer

 +44 (0)20 3950 8778

Joanna Conlon

Director of Development and Communications

Neil Hedgecock

Director of Finance and Corporate Services

 +44 (0)20 3950 8778

Jessica Crofts-Lawrence

Head of Policy and Advocacy

 +44 (0)20 3950 8778

Simon Darvill

Head of Communications

Nick Parker

Head of Commercial Development

 +44 (0)20 3950 8778
Jude Stern

Jude Stern

Head of Knowledge Management

Simon Day

IAPB Africa Programme Manager

Yuddha Dhoj Sapkota

IAPB South East Asia Regional Manager

Drew Keys

IAPB Western Pacific Regional Manager

Tejah Balantrapu

Deputy Head of Communications

 +91 (0)40 44334160

Rachael Bourke

Membership Services Manager

 +44 (0)20 3950 8778