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Founded in 1975, IAPB is the premier eye health body which brings together a unique network of members and membership bodies from across the world.

At IAPB, we believe in a world in which no one is needlessly visually impaired, where everyone has access to the best possible standard of eye health; and where those with irreparable vision loss achieve their full potential.

Our key priorities are:

  • Global advocacy: Our objective will be to raise the profile of eye care with key international institutions, so it receives the attention and resources needed to achieve universal access to eye health.
  • Connecting knowledge: Underpinning our activities is our role in providing authoritative data and information and enabling access to up-to-date knowledge, information and practice.
  • Strengthening the network: We will support active partnership building both between members and with other key sectors to tackle the barriers to delivering eye care for all.
  • Providing services: We will aim to provide high quality, economically viable services which add value to members.
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Banner image: Terry Cooper